About The Los Alamos World Futures Institute

The purpose of the Los Alamos World Futures Institute (LAWFI) is to identify future needs for humanity and earth.  In making such identifications, one must combine and balance both logical (intellectual) and emotional evaluations and views of the future to determine what is needed, acceptable and wanted.  Accordingly, LAWFI is open to participation by everyone with one important rule.  When stating a position or projecting a requirement, it must be supported by evidence that can be examined by all interested participants.

Currently, LAWFI is promulgating a list of 18 areas viewed by some (a couple of us) as areas for study.  There may be more or one or more should be removed.  Your input is requested.  The list may grow or shrink based on input and comments, but it is a starting point for discussion.  Again, your input is requested.

The value of examining future needs helps the inventor, creator, scientist, engineer and entrepreneur identify the utility and value of his or her creation or discovery across needs.  Concurrently, it aids the investor, funder, and  institute make batter choices.  More importantly, it can help society make better choices today to improve humanity and our home.

Please become a member of LAWFI – it’s free (click here).  And, being a 501.c.3 not-for-profit institute, your donations are also appreciated (click here). Finally, if you want to be directly involved with LAWFI or and area on the List of 18, let us know by clicking here.


Los Alamos World Futures  Institute

274 DP Road

Los Alamos, NM 87544


Email:  contact@laworldfutures.org or Click Here for the Contact Us form page.

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 Posted on : May 2, 2017