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Efficiency (Part One)

Tweet Efficiency is a measure of avoiding waste while doing things well and successfully.  Let’s consider it from two perspectives:  the world (Part One) and humanity (Parts Two, Three and Four).   The world exists with essentially one energy source – the sun.  You can argue that there also is coal, natural gas, oil, wind, […]

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Tweet During the past 19 posts, each item in the List of 18 has been presented with, hopefully, enough background to better define each item and hint at the challenges in each area.  Before moving on, a summary of the list is useful for contemplating the interaction between each item in affecting the future of […]

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Tweet During the past 20 columns, 18 areas worthy of study regarding future needs were considered, generally independently.  It is appropriate now to consider a few questions related to multiple items on the list.  Let’s get started.   In 1798, The Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus, in An Essay on the Principle of Population,[1] examined population […]

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