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Who do you Trust – or is it Whom? (Part One)

Tweet In the winter or spring of 1973, I attended a required lecture by Walter Cronkite, the anchor of CBS Evening News and “the most trusted man in America.”  At the end of each broadcast he said “And that’s the way it is.”  I was 31yearsoldand I believed him.  Again, it was a required lecture. […]

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Tweet During the past 19 posts, each item in the List of 18 has been presented with, hopefully, enough background to better define each item and hint at the challenges in each area.  Before moving on, a summary of the list is useful for contemplating the interaction between each item in affecting the future of […]

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PEOPLE – Human – Machine Interface – Who or What Controls What or Whom

Tweet The human-machine interface controls communication between the human and the machine.  Historically, it was intended to allow the human to have full control over the machine within the physical aspects of the machine’s capabilities.  As a simple example, consider the control switch on an electric range or cook-top.  There is a knob labelled High-Medium […]

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