If you are a business or individual that provides products and services, you are in the right place.  As our gift to you, you or your company also will be included on the LAWFI Business Donors web page, including name, contact information, and up to 150 words of text.  Please note the LAWFI does not endorse the individuals and businesses listed.

The form below shows the minimum donation for a Business level donation. You may increase this amount if you wish. A receipt will be e-mailed to you.

[Note: You do not need to become a World Futures Member (free), but besides having full access to the web site and being able to comment on posts, you will be able to access your donation records (they are password protected). So please consider creating an account (if you have not already done so, in the optional section below.]

If you are donating as a company, please enter your full name in the “First Name” box and the name of the of the business or organization in the “Last Name” box.  With your donation, perhaps we can get the software fixed.

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You may increase the amount of your donation.

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